Women share their advice on ovarian cancer

These tips and tricks are offered to you by the women in the Ovarian Cancer New Zealand Support Group. Click here if you would like to join.

"Always believe you can survive this, Take one day at a time, Rest, rest and more rest!!!!! You are your best advocate so be pro-active with your Drs and keep at it -,you drive your ship!!!!"

"Listen to what your body is telling you,if you are tired, rest.if you feel well get out and enjoy life,and have faith that your health will improve. Listen to your medical advice and don’t be afraid to ask questions."

"Take a notebook and a family member/friend to all appointments with you - it’s amazing how much info you are given and it’s hard to remember it all. Get your buddy to write notes (names, words, dates) at each appointment so that you can go back and refer to them"

"My tip is ... it's not your fault, be kind gentle & patient with yourself and your body. Ask for support and let others help you. The cancer society can offer holistic therapies during your treatment for free they can provide advocates to go with you to winz and many other services, be sure to get in touch with them sooner rather than later"

"Take your time when making important treatment decisions.. Digest the information, and breathe, meditate. Your go to place for calm and support. I found I provided myself with anchors to proceed with confidence in such uncertain times"

"May sound silly but if possible buy yourself some new pyjamas -Dressing gown etc as you can spend a lot of time in hospital. It can help yourself to feel better. Prepare yourself an hospital overnight bag for just those just in case instances - travel kit of toiletries etc. Have a folder to keep your medical records/appointments info in. If you are going to have chemotherapy check to see if you need dental work done. I was able to get it done free through the hospital under Oncology. Try not to use Dr Google too much. I found that I developed a metallic taste in my mouth during chemo so eating with plastic utensils helps. Don’t under estimate the use of latitudes or nausea medications. If something isn’t working make sure your voice is heard. If your unwell - no matter the time or waiting go to the hospital as it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Let people know when you need help."

"If you have optimal debunking surgery and aren't allowed to bend down or lift things a good idea is to have all your food moved to a place in the fridge cupboard so you can reach easily as well as phone charger cords have them in a place that doesn't require bending"

"I know this is not for everyone but Embrace your bald head....it shows you are working hard to stay alive and many of us find we suit the bald/short hair look. I have not let mine grow back much as I found the really short look suits me...I would never have been brave enough under normal circumstances to try it this short"