Where to get support

Not everyone experiences cancer in the same way. Physical and emotional needs will differ from person to person.

For some women this is a path they choose to take by themselves and that is everyone's right.  But from our own experience families, friends, communities, and even strangers rally to help. If you're OK with that then our advice is to accept what is offered. 

Online Support Group's

If you would like to support of women in the same boat as yours, you may like to join the Ovarian Cancer NZ Support Group Facebook page. This is a closed group, private forum, where kiwi women with ovarian cancer share with one another in order to help each other. You can join this group by clicking the following link. www.facebook.com/groups/OvarianCancerNZSupport/ You'll get a message for a quick confirmation of why you wish to join. (Apologies to family and friends who'd like to be there too - this is just for women with ovarian cancer).        

If you're a woman with low grade serious cancer then there's also a Facebook Group just for you. Follow the link: Low Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer International Support Group


Facebook Community


We also have a public Facebook page, where you can find up to the minute news and support based information, as well as share and chat with us.

Cancer Society

The New Zealand Cancer Society provides some excellent and practical support.

Other recommendations will be added as we find them - please feel free to recommend to us anything that has worked for you!