Susan's Story

February 9, 2018

Hi my name is Susan Berendt,  my journey started in April 2016.  Pneumonia and a hospital stay. They drained liquid off the left lung,  it was tested and had small cell cancer cells in it.   May 10th I was called into hospital and told it was hormonal cancer cells,   I had a CT scan and a biopsy of the omentum, and on May 26th  I had my Oncology Dept. appointment and found out I have stage 4 ovarian cancer.


The Doctor told me the only they could offer was chemotherapy.  No surgery for debulking.   I had 6 rounds of Carbo/Paclitaxel and got the cancel count down to under 30. I was told if it didn’t last more that 3 months,  it would only be palliative care after that.    (At this point I was saying "is this all there is?").    


We had medical insurance so went private,  and had Gemcitabine/Bevacizumab or common name Avastin.  So I have had 6 rounds of that to date. Cancer count is now CA125 350. So another ct scan. 


My advice to you is if you are going through the public system don’t accept that this is all that can be done.  Fight for your life, stay positive, get informed, keep a diary, take all the help offered,  and talk to those who may help or guide you.    


All the best for your journey.

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