Donating to ovarian cancer causes

Ovarian Cancer has not received the  focus and research investment that other cancers have in recent years. We believe that we would be further towards a cure if there was more investment, and that in many cases individual donations can make a different.


There are organisations raising money for Ovarian Cancer research and if you are able to contribute following are some of areas you might choose to look into. 


If you donating for ovarian cancer you should be clear that this is where your funds are directed and ask for confirmation of this. You can also ask that your donation is used specifically for research or awareness raising, and not, for example, administration. 


The Graci  (Gynaecological Cancer, Research,  and Clinical Innovation) Foundation is a New Zealand based charitable trust with the specific goal of improving outcomes for women with gynaecological cancer via Research.



ANZGOG (Australia New Zealand Gynaecological Oncology Group) is an Australian-based organisation established to improve outcomes and quality of life for women with gynaecological cancer. Their focus is conducting and promoting cooperative clinical trials and undertaking multidisciplinary research into the causes, prevention and treatments of gynaecological cancer. ANZGOG is currently most active in Australia however there is a greater move for action in New Zealand in 2018 and beyond.

Talk Peach

New Zealand charity raising awareness and advocating for gynaecological cancers.

Cure Our Ovarian Cancer

NZ charity with a global focus on low-grade serous ovarian cancer - a rarer form of ovarian cancer that has little research, and within New Zealand also engages in general ovarian cancer awareness and advocacy.