About Us

This website was initiated by three kiwi women who have ovarian cancer as a part of their lives.


Rachel Wilson dedicates a huge amount of time to raising awareness and establishing support mechanisms for women with ovarian cancer. This began when she and her sister Jacqueline Whiting lost their mother, Leonie Coates, to the disease in 2006. Together they founded the New Zealand Gynaecological Cancer Foundation.


Lisa Finucane was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2010, and has had two recurrences since; with the others she is committed to raising awareness so that fewer women are diagnosed at a stage when treatment is less effective.


Jane Ludemann's cancer was finally identified in 2017 after many months of failure to recognise what she had. She is particularly focused on low grade serous ovarian cancer – and is working to raise awareness and fundraise for research about this relatively rare form of the disease. You can read about Jane's work here: cureourovariancancer.org/nz


With more than 90 other women they are part of the Ovarian Cancer New Zealand Support Group, a closed Facebook group predominantly of women with ovarian cancer who provide each other with support, humour, encouragement, advice and love. Some of these women feature in the images on this website.